Swim Instruction

Whether you’re training for your first tri, looking to improve your stroke or gain increased efficiency and speed in the water, Empire is excited to offer a range of options for swim instruction from small group swim camps, to open water clinics and private or semi-private coaching led by our stellar team of experienced swim coaches.


Instructional Pool Programs

Open Water Swimming

Red Tide Master’s Swim Team

Private Lessons

Immersive Swim Camps 

About our Swim Programs:

Red Tide Master’s Swim Team

Empire Tri Club has partnered with Red Tide masters swim team, offering access to 7+ coached swim sessions each week, year-round in NYC!  Athletes can expect a continuous swim workout ranging from 1,500-4,000m per session, including a mix of drills and continuous swimming.  Workouts will focus primarily on freestyle, however all 4 swim strokes (free, fly, back, breast) may be covered. Swimmers are broken into lanes based on pace & ability.


Empire Tri Club Instructional Swim Classes

Empire Tri Club hosts a series of instructional 4 to 6-week swim classes for athletes of all levels.  Our small group instructional swim classes have less than 10 swimmers, focusing mostly on technique and stroke efficiency.  Due to the small class size, individuals will receive a lot of personalized instruction.

Our beginner level classes are geared towards athletes who have trouble swimming freestyle for more than a few lengths of the pool at a time, stop for breaks at the end of each lap, have trouble breathing, treading water or submerging the head, and/or has not had much formal swim instruction.  Athletes may have done a few sprint triathlons or short swim races, but are intimidated about swimming longer.

Our intermediate level classes are geared towards athletes who are looking for a mix of drills, instruction and continuous swimming.  This class is great for athletes who can swim continuous freestyle for at least 100 meters, tread water and submerge comfortably. Athletes may not have great stroke or technique, or previous swim instruction, but can swim for 30 minutes or more, as we typically cover 1,000 – 2,000m per class.  We recommend this class for atheltes who are training for Olympic to Ironman distance events.

Private & Semi-Private Pool Swim Instruction

Empire Tri Club offers private swim instruction to athletes of all abilities.  There is no better way to become a better swimmer, than by working one-on-one or in a small group setting with one of our coaches. Private swim lessons take place in at the convenience of your own pool.  We carefully design each lesson to focus on your individual strengths and weaknesses.  Whether you are a phobic or competitive swimmer, our coaches will help you build the confidence, technique, skills and endurance you need to meet your goals.


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