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Do you offer any Open Water Swim Clinics?
Yes, Empire will be offering 3 Open Water Swim Clinics this season to prepare triathletes for their best swim race.  Training in open water is encouraged by our coaches and very important to schedule before jumping into your first triathlon or your 10th!  OWS clinics are free for members and $50 for non-members.  We also offer private and small group open water swim training at Coney Island from Memorial Day – Labor Day.  More information can be found here.

Do I need a wetsuit to participate in the Open Water Swim Clinics?
No, however we strongly recommend one.  You will be warmer and more buoyant with a wetsuit.  It will also make open water swimming easier, particularly if you are not a strong swimmer.  Since this is a clinic, we will include a mix of drills, talking and swimming, so you may get cold standing around in the water without one.  If you plan to race in a wetsuit, it’s a very good idea to swim in it at least once before to ensure it fits you properly.  Empire Tri Club members and athletes in our beginner tri programs receive discounts on ROKA and XTERRA wetsuits with the discount code found on our member discount page.  If you don’t want to buy a wetsuit, you can rent one from several stores in NYC including JackRabbit Sports and Paragon.

Is there a way for members and participants to communicate with each other?
Yes, we are a very social club and constantly staying connected with one another.  Depending on your program or membership account you will have access to our Google Group email account to reach out to other club members for any reason like planning meet-ups , equipment advice, additional workouts, and much more. Our team is also extremely active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and which is a great way for our members to share their experiences and check in while traveling for races and various events!

Do you have an Ironman Program?
While our main athlete training plans provided are for Sprint, Olympic and Half distances, we do have many club members who race in full and even Anvils (5X Ironman distance) each year.  Our group of coaches and ambassadors have extremely strong resumes when it comes to competing and are always available to provide individual Ironman training plans and personal training sessions.  Our members who are training for the longer distance races also connect with one another via our Google Group and social media to plan longer training workouts to ensure accountability, enjoyment and company while preparing for their next race.

What races is the team doing this year?

A full list of our team races can be found on our Race Calendar page.

Does the club train year round?
Yes, in addition to the full club member training plan for races in season, we also offer indoor computrainer classes, swim programs, outdoor run workouts, and strength & condition programs during the off season.  We like to keep you excited and motivated so we do our best to provide great workouts to fit the time of year, ensuring you’ll be ready to go next season!  For more information on some of our various additional training packages visit the link here

Does Empire Tri Club train for other sporting events besides triathlon?
YES! You’ll find Empire athletes racing nearly every week of the year, ranging from Sprint to Ironman distance triathlons, Double to Quintuple Anvil ultra triathlons, running events from 5k to Ultra Marathons, Obstacle Races (CMC, Spartan, Tough Mudder), Relay Events (River to Sea, Ragnar), Cycling Events (CRCA, 5 Borough Bike Tour, Century Rides), Open Water Swim Competitions and more.

Empire Tri Club has a CRCA Bike Racing Team. For more information please contact Sascha at Skreideweis@yahoo.com.

Empire Tri Club also provides Full and Half Marathon training programs. For more information, please contact info@empiretriclub.com.

What equipment will I need to participate in the Club or Beginner Tri Program?
We know that triathlon can be an expensive sport – especially if you are new to it!  While there’s lots of flashy, aerodynamic, lightweight gear for us to drool over, we want to ensure you that you CAN participate in our beginner tri program and other club programs with minimal equipment. Here is a list of the basic equipment that you will need:

  • Bike
  • Helmet
  • Flat repair kit & lights for your bike
    (for safety reasons, a helmet and lights are required for attending our group rides)
  • Hydration (Can bring water bottles in cages mounted to your bike, a Camelbak, etc.)
  • Bike Pump (pump your tires before EVERY ride!)
  • Comfortable bike & run apparel
  • Running Shoes
  • Swim Goggles
  • Swim Cap (optional but required at some pools and recommended especially if you have long hair)
  • Swimsuit (for training)

Optional gear for race day:

  • Wetsuit
  • Tri Suit (1 or 2 piece)
  • Race Number Belt
  • Clip in bike shoes (optional – sneakers are ok for this program!)
A full race day checklist can be found here.  Again, we are listing the most basic equipment needed to do a tri above since we are often asked what equipment is NEEDED.
For a list of local partner shops and online retailers which offer team discounts, please visit our member discount page.
What if I don’t have a bike?
Well, then it will be hard to participate in our group bike rides!  But don’t sweat it. If you are looking to buy a bike, we can certainly point you in the right direction.  Try reaching out to your local bike shop to see what’s in stock.  Not sure where to go?  Try Toga Bikes or Strictly Bicycles in Fort Lee.

You don’t need a fancy tri bike to participate in group workouts or do a triathlon.  In fact, for beginners we recommend an entry level road bike.  You’ll be more comfortable and have better bike handling skills on a road bike, than a tri bike.  Can you do the beginner program on a hybrid or mountain bike? Yes.  Do you need clip in shoes/pedals?  No.  However, you will find that a road or tri bike and clip in shoes makes you faster & more efficient – which can often make for a more enjoyable ride.  No fold up bikes, fixed gear bikes, tricycles or unicycles please!  🙂