Training Peaks FAQ

What is Training Peaks?
Training Peaks is a program that Empire Tri Club uses to communicate workout details to the team.  Club members (who have a membership is in good standing) will receive access to our Training Plan in Training Peaks from April to October (exact dates vary slightly from year to year).  Click here for a more detailed description from Training Peaks.

How do I connect to Empire Tri Club’s coaches account?
Click here for instructions.  This can be found from our home page by going to Resources -> Connect to Training Peaks.

When I try to connect to the Empire Tri Club’s training plan, it asks if I want to be coached by Alison Kreideweis.
Correct, Alison is one of our coaches who set up the account, so every athlete who wishes to connect to Empire Tri Club’s account will see her name.  If you’ve selected to work 1 on 1 with a different coach, or are a participant in our club or beginner program and not working with any 1 coach in particular, you will still see Alison’s name when you link to our account.

I followed your instructions to connect to the coaches account.  Why don’t I see workouts in my calendar?
You’re connected to our coaches account, but you will not see the training plan until we accept your request and connect you to a training plan.  Athletes will be connected to the plan starting early April.  Athletes who join late will be connected as quickly as possible, once we accept your coaching request.

Some of the athletes I train with at the group sessions have different workouts / information in their calendar than I see in mine. Why is that? 
On some days, the CLUB and BEGINNER PROGRAM meet on the same time & place.  Athletes in each of these groups are connected to different plans, so there is a good chance that you were talking to someone in a different program than you.  Also, many club members are also working 1-on-1 with a private coach, who may have included workouts in their personal calendar that you won’t see in yours.

I followed your instructions to connect to the coaches account, however it’s telling me that it expired. 
There is a 72 hour window, from the time that an athlete or coach initiates a request, until the “approve” or “accept” link expires.  If you try and connect after this window has passed, you will need to start the process over again.

I can’t log into Training Peaks.
If you created an account, (or you signed up for the beginner tri program and we created one for you) you should have received and email containing your log in information (username and password).  Check your bulk mail, spam, and deleted mail folders if you don’t see it in your inbox.  If you forgot your log in information, go to, click “forgot password” and enter your email or username to reset your password.

The season already started, however I only see workouts starting today.
Correct, when we connect you to a training plan, you only see workouts from that day forward. Past workouts are not loaded into your calendar.

Should I sign up for a Basic of Premium Training Peaks account?
A free (basic) account is all you need, however you are welcome to upgrade to Premium if you’d like more features.  Click here to Compare

What does the Training Plan prepare me for?
If you are in the beginner tri program, the plan you are connected with will prepare you for the final race at the end of your 11 or 12-week program.  If you are a club member, your plan will prepare you for all the races on the team race calendar.  If you are working 1 on 1 with a coach, your plan will gear up towards the event(s) of your choice and be customized to you.

Group vs. Individual Workouts
The training plan provided to the club and beginner program includes detailed workouts that the group does together (labeled GROUP), as well as workouts for you to do on your own (labeled POSTED).  We also share details about special events such as clinics, socials, races, shopping nights, etc.

What if I’m a club member and ALSO working 1 on 1 with a coach?  Will I be able to see both calendars?
Yes. If you’d like to be connected to the club training plan as well as the private calendar created by your coach, we can do that.  However, note that all workouts will show up in your calendar and you will not be able to isolate the 2 calendars.  If you want access to both, but prefer to keep your calendars separate, we recommend creating 2 Training Peaks accounts.

How do I disconnect from Empire Tri Club’s coaches account?
There may be an option in your own personal settings to disconnect.  You can also just let us know and we will remove you.

What happens in Training Peaks if I cancel or freeze my membership?
You will be disconnected from our training plan until you rejoin or unfreeze.

What happens after I finish the beginner program and join the club? 
You will be connected to the club training plan and receive the workouts from that day forward.

Will this plan work for me? (I’m training for a different race, this plan seems to easy / advanced, my schedule does not allow me to follow this exactly as prescribed, I’m joining the team late in the season, etc.)
A training plan is meant to be used as a guideline.  The same plan will not work perfectly for every athlete.  It is important that you listen to your body and not just do what’s prescribed in your plan to reduce your risk of injury or overtraining.  You may be able to use our plan to train for different events, however that may not work for every athlete or every race (depending on your fitness level and the distance and date of the event you’re preparing for).  If you wish to work 1 on 1 with a coach, you will receive a customized plan which accounts for your races, schedule, training preferences, goals, health history, strengths & weaknesses, etc. We encourage you to check out our coaching packages, coaches bios and contact for more info.

I have read all the FAQs and followed all your instructions but still have questions.
Email and we will get back to you ASAP to help you troubleshoot.