Freeze, Cancellation and Refund Policy

Annual Membership Cancellation Policy

Annual members are responsible for fulfilling a 12-month commitment.  Monthly dues will be charged automatically via Paypal until an athlete cancels.  An athlete may cancel their membership by emailing with 30-days notice.  Any refunds or credits issued for athletes who are charged with failure to provide ample notice of cancellation will exclude all Paypal Transaction Fees.  Early cancellation will result in your account being charged for the outstanding balance owed plus a $25 cancellation fee.

Seasonal Membership Cancellation Policy

Seasonal Members register for the length of the program, herein defined as approximately 8 months or April 1 – November 5 (dates vary slightly based on each years calendar).  No refunds will be issued for early cancellation.  Credits or exceptions may be granted under extenuating circumstances or with a medical note, at the discretion of Empire Tri Club management.  Empire Tri Club does not offer a monthly payment plan on our seasonal membership.  Membership is not transferable.

Membership Freeze Policy

An athlete is permitted to freeze his/her membership at any time for a maximum of 3 months. There is a one-time freeze charge of $10, paid in advance.  Members must notify Empire Tri Club by emailing with 30-days notice to freeze your account.  We will then invoice you accordingly and suspend your account upon receipt of payment.  Freeze fee may be waived and/or extended with extenuating circumstances or medical note.  Any refunds issued for any reason exclude Paypal Transaction Fees.

Paypal / Membership & Coaching Subscription Plans

Athletes who purchase an annual membership or coaching package will subscribe to a monthly payment plan through the Empire Tri Club website.  Should a credit card become lost or stolen, an athlete must inform Empire Tri Club management and update card information immediately via their personal Paypal account.  Failure to make a payment within 10 days past due, will result in a $15 late fee PLUS all past-due payments, as well as immediate termination of the membership or service purchased. Athlete will be turned to a collections agency for all outstanding payments.

Personal Training Sessions
When an athlete purchases personal training sessions or swim lessons, he or she will be matched with a coach and connected with that coach directly to coordinate meet ups.  No refunds will be provided for unused sessions.  All sessions expire within 1 year.  In extenuating circumstances, Empire Tri Club management may issue a credit (to be used within 1 year towards other products or services) for unused sessions if, for example, the coach or athlete moves, becomes injured or is no longer interested in the sessions.

Program Participation Refund Policy
(All one day and short term programs including but not limited to open water swim clinics, instructional swim programs, functional strength training program and beginner tri program).

Refunds will not be given once a program has begun.  Partial credit may be given at the discretion of Empire Tri Club Management for reasons including injury, sickness, moving, etc.  No refunds will be given retroactively for missed classes, nor will they be given due to missed classes or late arrival as a result of transportation or parking delays, failure to bring necessary equipment or documentation, or disinterest in the class.  In the event of cancellation due to weather, facility closure, etc., a make up class or credit may be provided on a case by case basis.

We must have a minimum of participants to run our small group instructional swim programs (# varies by program).  For the beginner tri program, we must have a minimum of 10 athletes to run the program.  If we do not hit our minimum, we will inform athletes of alternative programs and services that may be of interest (which may be a different price), and issue a full credit or refund upon request.

Red Tide Master’s Swim Team (10-Class Card):
Athletes are responsible for brining receipt/proof of purchase to your first Red Tide Workout.  At that time, you will be issued a Red Tide 10-class punch card.  Class cards are valid for 3-months from the day they are issued.  This deadline cannot be extended.  Athletes are responsible for bringing this card (along with an annual USMS membership card) to every Red Tide practice.  Athletes who fail to bring this card may be turned away and unable to attend practice at the discretion of the Red Tide coach on deck.  Class cards are not transferable or refundable.  This is a monthly add-on only available to athletes with an Empire Tri Club Membership in good standing.

Red Tide Master’s Swim Team (Monthly Unlimited Membership): 
Upon purchasing a Red Tide Master’s Swim Team monthly unlimited membership, the athlete will be charged a pro-rated amount for the first month, followed by $129 each month going forward.  There is no minimum monthly requirement.  Membership will auto-renew month to month until an athlete cancels, by emailing with 30-days notice.  Athletes are responsible for making any outstanding payments within the 30-day cancellation period.  Cancellation is not retroactive, and Empire will not reverse or refund a payment which has already been made. This is a monthly add-on only available to athletes with an Empire Tri Club Membership in good standing.

Please email with any questions or concerns.