Membership FAQs

What are my membership options and do I have to pay for my membership or coaching packages all at once?
For your convenience, we offer both a seasonal and annual membership option. You can choose to join for the year with our monthly installment plan ($59/month) or just join for the season (April – October) for $475.  Coaching packages can also be purchased in monthly installments. Click here for more info.

What’s included in my membership?

  • Unlimited access to coach-led club workouts
  • Comprehensive race-oriented training plans
  • Over 30 clinics, workshops and special events a year
  • Connect with members via our online social community
  • Free Empire gear for all new members
  • Discounts from local shops & online retailers Up to 70% OFF hundreds of brands
  • Discounted race entry & pre-registration for select races
  • Participation in Empire’s Charitable Giving Program
  • Individual and group training packages

Can I put my membership on hold?
Athletes are permitted to freeze their memberships at any time for a maximum of 3 months. A one time freeze charge of $10 will be applied to any member choosing to freeze their account. Members must notify Empire Tri club by emailing or by submitting the digital Freeze Form.  We will then invoice you accordingly.  Freeze fee may be waived and/or extended with extenuating circumstances or medical note.

What happens if I cancel and then rejoin?
This is acceptable to do, however please note, you will need to rejoin the club at the current membership rate, which may be different than the previous rate that you had been paying initially.

Why Can’t I see the discount codes on the Member Discount Page?
Only club members race able to view the discount codes.  Its one of the many perks of being a member of the club!  If you ARE a member, and cannot view the codes, first make sure you are LOGGED IN to the website. If you ARE logged in and still cannot view the discount codes, please contact us at and we’ll be happy to help!

What proof do I need to show in order to receive my member discount at our partner shops?
When shopping at any of our partner stores, simply show the store manager your Welcome to the Club email or any other email which proves that you’re a CURRENT member of the club.

Do I have to participate in the Club Races?
No. You do not have to participate in our club races to be a member of the team. All Empire members may participate in all of our club workouts or events, even if you don’t plan to race. Many of our athletes will compete in other races throughout the season, and will be prepared by following our training plans. However, we strongly encourage members to register for our club races. Not only are race discounts often available, but the club training plan is geared towards preparing athletes for our club races. Additionally, more teammates racing & spectating means more camaraderie & emotional as well as logistical support at the event!

When will I need to renew my membership?
Your membership is active for 1 full year from the date that you joined. (ie June 12, 2018 – June 12, 2019). You can renew your membership at any point before it expires, to benefit from a discounted membership renewal rate. For monthly members, your membership is ongoing after the initial 6 month minimum is met. You can cancel anytime after 6 months, but we require a written request to the Empire management.

Does Empire Tri Club provide a training plan?
Yes. All Empire Tri Club members receive a link to our Training Peaks account from March to October, where they receive a detailed training plan that builds athletes up to select team events.

Do I have to attend all training sessions and events?
No. Members are welcome to attend any and all club events, but are not required to attend any. We post all of our club workouts on our Training Peaks calendar, so members can follow the training plan on their own, even if they cannot attend.  All club workouts, training programs, and special events are also posted on our Calendar here on the website, where you can now RSVP electronically and view other attendees. We do strongly encourage you to show up and participate at group events, so that you can meet people and make the most of your membership!

Where does most of your training take place?
During the tri season (March – October), most of our weekly workouts take place in Central Park at 7pm and our weekend workouts include rides outside of NYC over the George Washington Bridge through various routes including Route 9 and River Road to towns north like Piermont and Nyack. Members can drop bags and change at the NY Running Company at the Time Warner Center. For more info about the club and a sample of the weekly workout schedule check out:

Where does the Empire Tri Club swim?
Empire Tri Club Members hosts 4 Open Water Swim Clinics each season at Coney Island. These are FREE for club members.  We also host beginner and intermediate swim programs at St. Bart’s Church (51st & Park Ave).  Members can pre-register for classes before they open to the public, and are offered a reduced rate. For advanced swimmers, we now offer a Red Tide Membership, with access to 3 coached Master’s Swim Classes each week (year-round) at Baruch College (24th & Lexington).

My gym does not have a pool.  Can you recommend somewhere for me to swim?  
Here are a few pools we recommend you consider.  Many of these are free or very inexpensive.  Some of them are outdoors and open seasonally.  Check with each facility to learn more about rates, times, and membership options.  Lasker Pool (Central Park North), John Jay College (Midtown West), City College (UWS), Yorkshire Towers (UES), Astoria Park Pool (Queens), Riverbank State Park (UWS), Chelsea Rec Center, Asser Levy Pool, Hamilton Fish, and Trinity School.  Also check out the following health clubs, many of which have pool access – Equinox, New York Health & Racquet Club, NYSC, New York Athletic Club, YMCA.

Can I bring a friend to a workout and is there a free trial period?
Yes, absolutely!  We encourage you to bring anyone who may be interested in learning more about the club. Empire offers a FREE 2 Week trial period so this is perfect if they would like to get a few workouts in under their belt.  In the two week trial you can attend our weekday workouts on the top calendar here.  This is a great opportunity to get to know the coaches and team and get a great workout in!  To start your 2-Week Trial, click here. 

Do I need to be a club member to join the beginner program?
No, our Beginner Program is open to everyone!  This is a great chance to meet, train, socialize and race with the team for 12 weeks prior to your triathlon.  We provide a training plan for sprint and Olympic races, depending on which program you are in.  Now, will you want to continue in on the fun of the club after your program has ended? We have a pretty good feeling you’ll be hooked :) So, if you’re unsure about your abilities or want to have some solid small group instruction in preparing for your triathlon, sign up for the Beginner Program!

Do you host any special events?
Yes!  We love to keep the club and program participants active and excited so we try to include a few fun social events throughout the year.  Some of which include our Open Water Swim Clinics in the summer out at Coney Island, NYC Tri Clinic, Tire Changing Clinics, Beer Mile, Mustache Ride, Brooks 5 Borough Marathon Run Series, Giro di Santa with proceeds benefiting the Challenged Athletes Foundation and much more.  It’s important to remember while we’re training we still want to have fun and stay social.  If interested to learn more about our events feel free to reach out to us at