Swim Programs FAQs

How to Self-Asses Your Ability Level:

Total Beginner
1. Has trouble swimming freestyle for more than a length or two without stopping
2. Has a fear of the deep end
3. Has trouble with breathing and doesn’t feel comfortable submerging the head or diving to the bottom of the pool
4. Has trouble treading water

1. Can swim continuous freestyle for at least 4 lengths
2. Has no or very little formal swim instruction
3. Stoke technique needs a lot of work

1. Can swim continuous freestyle for at least 8 lengths
2. Can tread water and submerge comfortably
3. May not have great stroke or technique, but can swim continuously for 15-20 min
4. May or may not have had previous instruction

1. Can swim continuously for an indefinite amount of time (at least 30 min)
2. Can do most basic drills
3. Can reach the bottom of the pool comfortably


Where do you currently offer your swim programs?
We offer lessons, classes and workshops at a number of facilities around Manhattan including St. Bart’s Church (51st & Park Ave), John Jay College (59th & 10th Avenue), and City College (137th & Convent Avenue).  All of our Open Water Swim Clinics are held at Coney Island in Brooklyn, NY.  Facility fees vary by location and time of year.

Private Lessons:
Empire Tri Club is happy to offer private swim lessons at your own facility. Unfortunately at this time, we do not have access to a facility that offers single lane rentals where we can train you.  If you would like an Empire coach to train you at your own facility, please find out if your pool allows outside coaches first.  Guest fees are covered by the athlete in addition to the cost of the lesson.  Travel fees might apply depending on the location of the pool.

What is your missed class Policy?
Empire Tri Club does not issue refunds or credits for missed classes.   For private lessons – There is a 24 hour cancellation policy.  Any sessions not cancelled with more than 24 hour notice will be forfeited.