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Empire Tri Club acknowledges and supports

We want to take a moment to acknowledge that the past few weeks have been extremely difficult and eye opening for all of us. The murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor have surfaced deep-rooted systemic problems and racial tensions the country has been facing for a long time.

Empire Tri Club has always strived to be an inclusive community.  We open our doors to all athletes regardless of age, ability, race, gender, sexual orientation, religion or political belief. We support our black community and stand with you in solidarity.

While all of us may not have personally experienced racial discrimination, we will listen, learn and try our best to unite us.  Empire Tri Club is committed to understanding how we can help support people of color in our city and our sport – not just now, but ongoing. In the coming weeks, we will be sparking conversations with community members, race directors, governing bodies and athletic brands to better understand the issues and the roles we play.

Please feel free to reach out if you have resources, questions or ideas to share. We encourage healthy dialogue in order to better understand and address issues.

Finally, remember to stay safe! Spread your voice through peace and take necessary precautions to reduce the spread of COVID-19. We will get through this!


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Alison Kreideweis

Empire Tri Club
Co-Founder, Head Coach

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Empire Tri Club’s Response to the Coronavirus

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on the multisport community at large. Empire Tri Club is continuing to monitor the situation and keep club members informed of information as it becomes available including updates about races and safe training guidelines. While social distancing guidelines remain in effect, we will limit and monitor our in-person group workouts.  We are committed to providing our athletes with camaraderie, support and a sense of community by hosting virtual clinics, workouts and info sessions whenever possible.
Some of the things that Empire Tri Club has recently done to adapt to the situation include:
  • Launching a new team communication app – Group Spot
  • Hosting a free Group Spot app info session with the founder
  • Hosting a live tire changing clinic on Zoom
  • Hosting a weekly live strength training classes on Zoom for club members only
  • Hosting a weekly live strength training session on Instagram – open to the public
  • Offering virtual team training rides on Zwift & Rouvy 2-3x a week
  • Posting various workout challenges on Social Media
  • Hosting virtual team socials on Zoom
  • Hosting live virtual yoga classes on Zoom
  • Publishing a training plan for members to follow on Training Peaks
  • Adjusting our training plan to include only workouts that athletes are able to complete at this time due to social distancing guidelines
  • Creating our first ever Virtual 10k event
  • Rolling out a new badge system to reward members for hitting certain milestones or participating in team events
  • Hosting a Q&A session with Coaches about how to adjust your training plan with the uncertainty of our race season
  • Hosting a live injury prevention clinic with Finish Line Physical Therapy
  • Adapting our 12-week beginner tri program to be virtual until further notice
  • Hosting our NYC Tri Program that concluded with the virtual NYC Tri
  • Mailing care packages to Empire Tri Club’s healthcare workers
  • Offering assistance to club members in need who have tested positive for the Coronavirus
  • Hosting virtual team races including a team 10K and team duathlon in place of Wyckoff Triathlon
  • Hosting a weekly Coaches’s Corner live Zoom with triathlon education and Q&A with our team coaches
  • Creating a fall marathon and half marathon program including tailored Coaches Corner Zoom sessions, a new training plan and weekly tips, building towards a virtual team race in November.
  • We launched our first Empire book club
  • Re-introducing in-person strength training sessions in Central Park with Empire Tri Club Coaches
  • Hosting a series of in-person workouts/clinics with the therapists from Clutch PT
  • Special events with guests including Sue Reynolds, Joe Friel, Ironman, Dina Griffin, Lauren Antonucci and more
  • Additional clinics, info sessions, guest speakers and workouts regularly being added!
Being alone does not mean you have to feel lonely!  We are a TEAM and continue to support one another, no matter the circumstance. We continue providing guidance, motivation, and information throughout these difficult times and do whatever we can to help the multi-sport community thrive on a global scale by working with larger organizations including Ironman, USA Triathlon and Triathlete Magazine.
We will resume with outdoor in-person group training as soon as it is safe and we are permitted to do so. If you have any questions about any of the above events / apps or would like more information on how to participate please don’t hesitate to reach out!
All of the above events are FREE to Empire Tri Club members.  Not a member?  Sign up for a free 2-week trial to see what we’re all about. We are still accepting new members and welcome you to join our team! To sign up, click here.
Questions? Contact or call Alison @ 201-218-3805. I will do my best to get back to you ASAP and appreciate your patience as we are operating with limited staff and hours.
Alison Kreideweis
Empire Tri Club
Co-Founder & Head Coach
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Empire Tri Club hosts first ever Virtual 10k!





Empire Tri Club is excited to announce our first ever virtual 10k!

Friday 4/16/20 – Sunday 4/19/20

April 18th was supposed to be our first team race of the season (ITU World Triathlon Bermuda) – and while we unfortunately can’t be in Bermuda enjoying the sun and sand together, we can still get excited about a team event and have something to look forward to.

Here are the details:

1. Make a homemade race number and finisher medal with materials you find around your home. (Family members are welcome to help with this!)

2. Pin your race number to your favorite Empire Tri Club shirt. (You may do this event in any Empire gear of your choice – tri top, long sleeve run shirt, tech t, run jacket, etc. New to the club and don’t have team gear yet? Be creative!

3. Run your 10k (the focus of this event is not speed but if you wish to “race it” you are welcome to!)

4.You’re encouraged to record your run on Strava, Training Peaks or any other workout tracking site (but it’s not required).

5. At the end of your run, put on your finishers medal and take a picture!

6. Post on Facebook and/or Instagram with hashtag #EmpireTriVirtualRace and #EmpireTri

All finishers will receive a badge of completion that you can post on your wall!  A special creativity badge will be awarded to one person who has the most creative race bib and finisher medal! Get creative! Make it festive and fun!

Your Virtual 10k can be completed anytime between Friday 4/16 and Sunday 4/19 to be eligible for a finisher badge. Be safe!! Remember to complete this run Solo and follow social distancing guidelines!

This event is free and everyone is encouraged to participate. If you wish to use this event to benefit a greater cause, feel free to make an optional donation to a charity of your choice that benefits NYC Healthcare workers.

Have fun! I look forward to seeing your pictures and posts!.

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Dispatches: How Triathletes Around the World Are Adjusting

Empire Tri Club Coach and Co-Founder, Alison Kreideweis was recently interviewed by Triathlete Magazine about how the Coronavirus is impacting our club and coaching business.  Author Chris Foster writes, “As the coronavirus continues to affect our world and change the way we live, we check in with six triathletes to see how one big thing can be experienced in so many different ways.

As of this writing, roughly 850,000 people have been infected with the coronavirus worldwide, according to the World Health Organization, and as the pandemic continues to spread, COVID-19 is something that will likely change the rhythm of our world and our sport for a very long time. As triathletes, our very nature is to seek out challenges, then prepare, adapt, and try to overcome them. In some ways, this crisis is no different. Many triathletes are faced with an ever-shrinking physical world while simultaneously trying to continue doing at least one of the things we love: swim, bike, and/or run. Virtual training groups, virtual races, and “quaranteams” have sprung up to form the communities and challenges that we look for, and triathletes have continued to identify as part of the multisport world even in conditions that were unimaginable only months ago.

We’ve spoken to six triathletes—each in very different geographical areas, with different athletic experience levels, and in different situations. They range from international-level pros to age-groupers to coaches to college athletes. Below we’ve collected some of their observations about how the coronavirus has affected their tiny corner of the world and their perspectives on how they’re coping and what they hope will come next.

Over the next two weeks, we’ll be posting expanded dispatches from each of these six triathletes to give you a closer look at how restrictions, wellness, goals, and personal decisions effectively “create” the smaller world that now surrounds each of them. While not everything is rosy all of the time—in fact, much of it isn’t at all—the fact remains that we are still triathletes preparing, adapting, and overcoming together, even if the challenges have drastically changed.”


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Life is like an IRONMAN triathlon

Empire Tri Club Coach Doc Golden shared a powerful message during a talk she gave at Times Square Church.

“It’s Time to Overcome.”

Life is like an IRONMAN triathlon

1) In your life, who’s on your team?

2) What’s your nutrition plan—what are you watching, listening to, eating, how are you spending your time? These things are feeding your soul. 3) What are you allowing to stop you from being everything you were created to be?

Please enjoy the full message if you’d like to with the link below. Doc starts speaking right after the 1 hour mark and shares for about 45 min.

Doc, your entire team is so proud of you!! ❤️

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A Different Kind of New Years Resolution

Every year, we see ad after ad, encouraging us to “lose weight” “get healthy” “join a gym”, etc.  Year after year, gyms are packed from January to March with the promise of a better body, more energy, etc. etc. etc.  But why is it that within a few short weeks, that annoying shower line at the gym dissapears?

There’s a big difference between a CROWD and a COMMUNITY, which is why you can go to a croweded gym and still feel no connection to the people in it.  How is it that you can feel alone when you’re surrounded by people? That’s the difference between joining a PLACE and joining a TEAM.  People who are part of a TEAM are more likely to STAY THE COURSE. 

What I’ve learned over the years from competing and coaching hundreds of athletes, is how big of a role COMMUNITY has on your ability to stick to your resolutions.

When you join a TEAM, you’re instantly connected with likeminded people with similiar GOALS and ASPIRATIONS.  You BOND over early rides and coffee instead of beers and wings.  You’re somehow convinced that a Ragnar Relay is a good idea, and that it would be fun to ring in the new year with a midnight run in Central Park.  Suddendly the one triathlon you set your sights on morphs into five, and you find yourself contemplating an IRONMAN for next season (what?!?).  You find your benchmarks shifting from “to lose 10 pounds” to “to PR my next race” and you’re looking for ways to make your body PERFORM at its best rather than LOOK its best.  (When you shift your perspective, the latter often follows!)

Before long, your teammates become FRIENDS who will hold you ACCOUNTABLE every step of the way.

You look forward to meeting your friend for a morning run and wouldn’t dare hit snooze and stand her up.  You LEARN what to wear as the seasons change to stay dry and comfortable when working out.  You realize that lending an ear on on a long run can often be better than a therapist.

It takes COURAGE to get involved and taking the first step may not always come easy.  I’m PROUD of you for making that committment to yourself.  SHOWING UP allows you to see that you’re NOT ALONE in this venture.  Triathletes come in ALL shapes, sizes, paces and ages.
This year, I encourage you to make a different kind of resolution.  RESOLVE to become an active part in your COMMUNITY and the payoff will far surpass the investment.  Crossing a finish line alone is one thing.  Crossing it in the company of your teammates with encouragement, laughter, and the promise of a post-race party, changes the entire experience.

I’m THANKFUL for each and one of my teammates and EXCITED about all the new friends that will join us this season!

With love,
Co-Founder, Head Coach
Empire Tri Club
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Sascha’s story…. from nearly losing his leg to completing the Dirty Kanza

2019 Challenged Athletes Foundation Million Dollar Challenge bicyle ride from Palo Alto to La Jolla, California.

I have been very lucky in being able to take part in athletic competition from early on in my life. Growing up in Germany, I competed as a track runner and swimmer. I took part in my first triathlon at age fourteen. To date, I competed in three Ironman events (just missing a Kona spot in my first attempt), ten Half Ironman events (including the 70.3 World Championship), two NYC marathons and over one hundred smaller events. I was named 2007 Best Male Triathlete by SBR Multisports, 2007 USAT All-American, and accrued many podium finishes. My true passion being cycling, I rode my bike over 1,100 miles in nine days from Germany to Barcelona entirely self-supported in 2009. The highlight of my short bike racing career was winning my category at a New York Time Trial in 2010, placing sixth overall, including pros.

However, only a few weeks later I experienced first symptoms of what was soon diagnosed as Popliteal Artery Entrapment causing a severe reduction of blood flow below my left knee resulting in immediate surgery. The following years lead to eleven more surgeries including a bypass which then failed in 2016. Replacing this bypass was a high-risk procedure which could have led to immediate amputation, so instead I have been rehabbing my left leg from only 30% blood flow with the goal of making it the best it can be. When faced with the decision to keep or amputate my leg, the Challenged Athletes Foundation (CAF) introduced me to athletes and their families who have gone through similar life experiences. It is through my whole family’s interactions with the CAF family we have been able to push through merely losing my left leg. Rather than watching TV in self misery, I was inspired to rally and eventually complete events such as the Dirty Kanza 200, a 200-mile same-day race on gravel with over 11,000 feet of climbing. Now, I am hoping to qualify for Leadville 100 and then attempt the Leadboat after that.

Beyond my personal experiences, CAF is an inspiring non-profit organization that gives hope to thousands of individuals with physical disabilities around the world by providing support, mentoring and grants for adaptive sports equipment, competition and training expenses. The courage and perseverance of these athletes has influenced me and my entire family since we first attended their Heroes, Heart & Hope Gala in 2007. From then we have only become more involved by offering athletes to participate in Empire workouts, volunteering at adaptive swim & run clinics as well as the NYC triathlon and participating in the Million Dollar Challenge , a 7-day cycling event over 620+ miles together with para-athletes.