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What Every Triathlete Should Be Doing In November

What every triathlete should be doing in November

The days are getting shorter. The weather is getting colder.  For many triathletes, race season is over and we find ourselves struggling to find motivation and purpose for our workouts.  As a triathlete and coach for over 20 years, I’ve found that its crucial to have a 4-8 week window each year where workouts are purely fun, less structured and social.  This is our “reset button”, allowing us to start a new season fresh, motivated and excited once again.  Neglecting to prioritize this short period of downtime can lead to burnout and injury.  A few things you can do to keep a healthy mind and body during this phase of training include:

  • Mix it Up – Try taking a dance class, boxing lesson or rock climbing!  You’ll not only break a sweat, but engage other muscle groups that you don’t normally train during your in-season swim, bike, run training.
  • Make Time for Friends & Family – Triathlon Training takes up a lot of time and energy.  During tri season you may find yourself absorbed in your fitness routine and spending less time with F&F that aren’t into the same things.  Now is a perfect time to connect with friends & family since you have a less intense training regimen.  
  • Plan for Next SeasonRaces typically open for registration during the winter months.  Figure out what races you’re going to do next year and take advantage of early bird pricing and holiday specials (plus take care of the logistics like hotels or AIRBNBs while lots of options are still available!)  
  • Indulge (Within Reason)!  It’s great to indulge!  But try and avoid holiday weight gain by trying out healthy new recipes and dialing back your caloric intake slightly (especially if your training load has decreased!) Consider working with a nutritionist like Lauren Antonucci who can help fine tune your nutrition plan as it changes throughout the seasons.

Whether you have a clear vision or don’t know where to begin, contact us for a free consultation and we’ll connect you with an expert coach. 

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