Beginner Program – Extra Support Package


Are you signed up for our Beginner Tri Program?  Looking for a little additional support?

We’re here to help!  Beginner Program Extra Support Package includes a private consultation with your coach and 3 personal training sessions and can be added on to any Beginner Tri Program.



Training for your first triathlon? Looking for a little additional support?  Our Beginner Tri Program Extra Support Package includes:

  • 3 personal training sessions (can be used for swim, bike, run, strength, clinic, brick, etc.)*
  • 30-min consultation with a coach to discuss your health history, past and current injuries, and make recommendations for how to adjust your plan

We are committed to helping you cross the finish line.  We understand that everyone has a different base fitness level and background in each of the 3 sports.  That’s why we’re committed to providing you with the additional support you need to help you feel confident and prepared on race day!  Additional sessions may be purchased as needed.

*Available only to athletes who sign up for our Beginner Tri Program!  Facility fees or travel outside of Manhattan not included.