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#Track My Training “Challenging for sure, it gave me a really good confidence boost.”


Workouts for the week:

Monday: Swim in the evening

Tuesday: Strength in the morning, run in the evening

Wednesday: Ride in the morning, swim at night

Thursday: Strength in the morning, run in the evening

Friday: Rest day

Saturday: Brick workout

Sunday: Long run, open water swim (!!!)

Well, this past weekend’s training was my peak and longest weekend of training – wooooo!!!!  I needed to move things ahead one week based off of what our plan in Training Peaks said since I’m going to be going to Portugal for a wedding the week before Lake Placid.

For my brick workout, I rode to Rockland State Park with Howard and we did a loop in there before heading back – hooooo boy, it was challenging for sure, but in a good way.  Gave me a really good confidence boost that I can totally tackle those hills in Lake Placid on race day [insert muscle arm emoji ;-)].  My run off the bike felt a bit more challenging than usual because it was so hot out, but otherwise felt strong.  My long run on Sunday felt really good too.  Since I knew it was going to be my last long run, I used it to really hone in on my pacing and practice my hydration and nutrition – and all went well!  Another confidence boost for race day.  (Side note: the salted watermelon w/ 2x sodium Clif shot blocks are SO GOOD.  I normally like more citrus-y flavor nutrition, but these were great.)

I also had some really great breakthroughs in the pool this week.  Something in my stroke changed, without me really consciously changing it, and I feel like it made me so much more efficient so I didn’t tire as quickly and could push myself a little harder.  The first day it happened, I thought it was maybe just a fluke but then it happened again the second time I was in the pool.  I tried analyzing what it was that I was/wasn’t doing, but I couldn’t really think of anything so to heck with it, hopefully it wasn’t just a two-time fluke.  I’ll chalk it up to- all the training is paying off and showing.

I also went to Coney Island for a little open water swim on Sunday late afternoon.  Nothing too long as I didn’t really have a lot of time – it was more so just for me to get some open water practice in.  IT felt good and made me think back to the first open water swim clinic I attended with Empire and how much I’ve improved since then.  I’m not saying I’m the world’s greatest/fastest open water swimmer, but I’ve learned that for me, I need to start off slow and get in a good rhythm with my breath – and as long as I can do that I’m good!

So, I guess this means it’s officially taper time for me – which is crazy to think about.  It feels like when I started training way back in March, September seemed so far away; but here we are, just weeks out from race day.  So now all my workouts will start getting less intense and be a little bit shorter.  As they say, the hay is pretty much in the barn – now it’s all about keeping my mind as calm as possible and trusting all my training that it will get me to that finish line on September 10.