Charity Miles, February 2014

Going Leong!


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The things you do never cease to amaze us. Not just the miles. But all the tweets, photos and stories you send us. Truly outstanding. I’m always honored to help you tell your stories.

And I’m especially honored to tell this one! Today one of our teammates, Bobby Leong, will compete in the Florida Double Anvil 281.2 Triathlon near Tampa, Florida.

“What’s that?” you ask.

Oh, it’s only a 4.8 mile swim, 224 mile bike and 52.4 mile run.  And, yes, the decimal points are accurately placed in those numbers. Bobby is doing a double Ironman!

Even better, he’s doing it with Charity Miles for The Michael J. Fox Foundation in honor of his two closest friends’ parents who have Parkinson’s disease. And with the support of New York City’s Empire Triathlon Club, he has been able to cycle, run and walk over 2,000 Charity Miles during his training leading up to this event!

“It is with great humility and purpose that I dedicate this effort to my extended families, the Walsh and Hill clans, and their hopes and those of many others, that one day we’ll find a cure to Parkinson’s,” says Bobby. “This is a small token of my support.”

So let’s all please send Bobby a small token of our support! Please tweet to @BLeong63 and wish him luck from Team @CharityMiles in the #FloridaDoubleAnvil! Go Bobby!!

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