New York Times, July 2016

The New York Times
Friday, July 22, 2016
Sports, Cycling
At New York City Triathlon, an Arms Race as Cyclists Vie for an Edge
Empire Tri Club member Kirk Tashjian weigh’s in on competing with his Specialized Tri bike and gaining the advantage on race day! Read more.


Wall Street Journal, September 2014

photo (15)The Wall Street Journal
Tuesday, September 23, 2014
Health & Wellness Personal Journal, P. D1
The Serious Runner’s Salvation
Gait Analysis Precisely Spots Stride Problems To Stop the Pain
Empire Tri Club Coach Anne-Michelle Barrett weighs in about how gait analysis helped her overcome a stress fracture.

Wall Street Journal, February 2015

chris mosier WSJBruce Jenner Spotlights a Sports Debate
There is no universal rule book for athletes who have switched gender

Empire Triathlon Club Coach Chris MosierCompetitor Group, Inc. “Best Personal Trainer of 2014” & creator of the website, was featured on the back cover of the Wallstreet Journal, weighing in about transgender inclusion in sports which has recently come into the spotlight with the speculation about whether former Olympian Bruce Jenner is transitioning to become a woman.



Charity Miles, February 2014

Going Leong!


bobby (1)


The things you do never cease to amaze us. Not just the miles. But all the tweets, photos and stories you send us. Truly outstanding. I’m always honored to help you tell your stories.

And I’m especially honored to tell this one! Today one of our teammates, Bobby Leong, will compete in the Florida Double Anvil 281.2 Triathlon near Tampa, Florida.

“What’s that?” you ask.

Oh, it’s only a 4.8 mile swim, 224 mile bike and 52.4 mile run.  And, yes, the decimal points are accurately placed in those numbers. Bobby is doing a double Ironman!

Even better, he’s doing it with Charity Miles for The Michael J. Fox Foundation in honor of his two closest friends’ parents who have Parkinson’s disease. And with the support of New York City’s Empire Triathlon Club, he has been able to cycle, run and walk over 2,000 Charity Miles during his training leading up to this event!

“It is with great humility and purpose that I dedicate this effort to my extended families, the Walsh and Hill clans, and their hopes and those of many others, that one day we’ll find a cure to Parkinson’s,” says Bobby. “This is a small token of my support.”

So let’s all please send Bobby a small token of our support! Please tweet to @BLeong63 and wish him luck from Team @CharityMiles in the #FloridaDoubleAnvil! Go Bobby!!

All the best,


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PowerBar Team Elite 2015-16



Empire Tri Club is excited to be a part of the 2015-16 PowerBar Team Elite program for the third year in a row.

PowerBar Team Elite is a grassroots athletic ambassador program that supports athletes, coaches and other athletic influencers. Across a range of sports, from world champion competitors to regional teams and local educators, PowerBar is committed to supporting training, competition, instruction, education, and sports nutrition at all levels of involvement.

We support our athletes with our full line of PowerBar products, event support, media and education rewards, and exclusive Team Elite gear items that help members train and compete. We also provide our athlete ambassadors with insider information on events, new products and sports nutrition research. We also encourage athletes to provide their feedback.

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The Active Times, February 2014


11 Essential Items for the Beginner Triathlete
Don’t cross the start line without this must-have race day gear

The Active Times, February 2014
By Alison Kreideweis, Co-Founder & Coach – Empire Tri Club

Training for your first triathlon is almost a fulltime job in itself. You hardly have time to brush your hair, let alone figure out exactly what gear you’re going to need on race day. Plus, with all the latest and greatest gizmos and gadgets out there, it’s not an easy arena to sift through.

Does three sports in one race mean you need three times the gear? Not necessarily. You’ll need more equipment than what a typical running race might require (that’s a given), but much of the gear designed for triathletes is made specifically for transitioning from one sport to the next, eliminating the need for excess items.

Aside from the obvious gear like a bike, running shoes and a bathing suit, there are a few other things you’ll need in order to successfully cross your first tri finish line. The good news: you don’t need to go out and break the bank with all the latest and greatest equipment. Triathlon races may not be cheap—inevitably you’ll need to splurge on a few big-ticket items—but by investing in the right gear you can save money and shave seconds or even minutes off of your finish time.

To help direct your focus towards what you really need, we’ve created a list of 11 essential items for the beginner triathlete. You can also check out our race checklist to ensure you don’t forget anything on race day!

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finish line

10 Tips for Exercising in the Winter! Health & Wellness Newsletter, February 2014
Written By Alison Kreideweis (Co-Founder & Coach, Empire Tri Club)

Evidence shows that people who workout through the winter are less likely to gain weight & suffer depression than those who don’t. Additionally, breaking a sweat can actually increase your energy levels, stimulate your senses, and decrease tension and frustration. Plus, cold weather workouts can be invigorating!

So don’t let winter drag you down! If you’re looking for motivation, inspiration, or innovation to get you moving, here are 10 tips for exercising in the winter that can help you keep your fitness goals on track…

Try a new class – Barre Method? Metcon 3? Shockwave? There are tons of innovative new group fitness classes out there! Why not use this time to try out a new class? If you belong to a gym, download the group fitness schedule and keep it on your desktop. Don’t have a membership? Score a class-pass through Groupon, Classivity or FiTIST… or contact a gym about a trial membership or daily guest pass.

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