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Empire Tri Club on Freeze / Cancellation Requests during COVID19

Empire Tri Club understands that many of our members are going through tough times and may be need to cut back on expenses due to job loss, furlough or other extenuating circumstances.  In response to freeze / cancellation requests we are adjusting our policy to better help our athletes. Here’s how we’re adjusting:

  • We will waive the 30-day freeze / cancellation period and process your request with 48 hours notice so you will not be charged at the next billing cycle
  • We will extend the 3-month freeze maximum to 1-year, allowing you additional time to get back on your feet
  • For all freeze requests, we will lock in your current rate for 1-year so when you resume your costs will not go up
  • If you are an annual member, we are adhering to the 12-month annual contract that you signed upon joining. Therefore if you have been a member for 8 months, we will gladly freeze your membership now and you can resume your membership to fulfill the remaining 4 months of membership at any point within the next year from the date of freezing.

As you can imagine, Empire Tri Club is also greatly affected by the COVID19 pandemic.  Here is a list of other things we are doing to adapt to the current situation.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

We truly appreciate your understanding and continued support!  We are optimistic that this pandemic will lead to a stronger community and new innovative programs that enable us to come out even stronger on the other side!