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Mailchimp account update

Dear Athletes –
As many of your know, our Mailchimp account was hacked on Saturday 3/18/17.  An email went out to everyone in our network claiming to be an order notification for a product you did not purchase (a coaching package for $319).  We are aware that you did not purchase this item and apologize for any confusion.  We have done our very best to reply to all the messages we received through Facebook, Twitter, Email and Text as quickly as possible.  We have been working tirelessly over the past few days to get to the bottom of this and keep you informed of the situation and will continue to do so until the issue is resolved.  If you have not done so yet, please DELETE the email and DO NOT CLICK on any links!
We have new information to share from Mailchimp….”Based on our analysis the link contained a trojan file, trojan.valyria.  Anyone who clicked the link should perform a full system virus scan and remove any found malicious files. We suggest one of the following programs:”

We want to ensure you that while the email was disguised as an “order confirmation” eliciting people to click on a fake “receipt” you were not charged, nor do we store credit card information in Mailchimp so there is no way for your card to be affected.

We understand that this malicious email was confusing and upsetting to many people in our community.  (Trust us, we were just as shocked!).  We truly hope that you follow the above instructions to ensure your computer is rid of any potential virus.  We sincerely apologize and will continue to keep you updated of any new information as it becomes available to us.

Alison & Jessica
Co-Founders, Empire Tri Club