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Empire Spotlight-Sharon Rochford

We recognize our athletes achievements which help build team spirit and inspire athletic advancement.

Meet Empire athlete Sharon Rochford:

Sharon is all too familiar with the challenges of being a triathlete and a single mom with a full time job.  Her time is a precious commodity.  It’s a balancing act between parenting, a demanding job, housework and getting her training in.  As Herculean as it seems for the rest us, to her this is a lifestyle.  She has learned to prioritize and make exercise part of her daily routine, just like brushing her teeth!  She’s had days when a late-night workout gets done after dinner, homework and putting her 12yr. old son Noah to bed.

She looks forward to her workouts because it makes her feel happier, stronger and helps her focus better at work.  Noah has also noticed the difference and encourages his mom to exercise when he notices her mood is down.

What makes this all worthwhile?  Being a mom that Noah can look up to and know that goals can be accomplished when your determination is strong.

“I would like Noah to know that anything is possible once you put your mind to it regardless of your age or fitness level.  The human body and the mind are stronger and more powerful than we think.  It is okay to push ourselves sometimes, even if we feel pain, because we are resilient”.