2022 Beginner Tri Program

Our Beginner Tri Program is back!   This comprehensive, 12-week program includes in-person and virtual group training sessions, educational clinics, socials, fun team challenges and a comprehensive training plan.  Program begins May 1st.  Questions?  Email alison@empiretriclub.com.  Click here for details and to sign up!

17 thoughts on “2022 Beginner Tri Program

  1. would like to do my first triathlon in June 2017

  2. please let me know when you triathlon program is ready to sign up.

  3. Hi there, i would like to sign up for the begineer program in March.. let me know what i need to do to pay for the training and get prepared!

    thanks & regards

  4. Do you recommend inexpensive bikes as well? I’m a beginner and didn’t want to get top of the line.

  5. Would love info in March beg tri training.


  6. Interested in learning more in your beginners tri

  7. Hi

    Today I Received a confirmation in my email that my payment for your program is confirmed? I never ordered a coaching program. Is this a spam email?

  8. I want to do a half triathalon. I would like to start a group training as soon as possible after my may 20th half marathon I’m currently training for. Thanks.

  9. i would like to know , in order to take this program any swimming knowledge is required

  10. gwen radich referred me.

  11. I’m interested int he beginner Tri Program, please provide details

  12. Interested to know about the triathlon training

  13. I would like to attend the next Begiiner Tri Program information session. Is there one coming up soon?

  14. I am interested in Beginner Tri Program.

  15. I would like to learn more about the beginner tri program

  16. Hi I would like information about joining a beginner a tri program in NYC.

    Thank you.

  17. Hello,

    I am trying to sign up for the 2020 NYC Triathlon Beginner Program but I cant add it to the cart. Is this full already?

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