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Sisters, Best Friends, Professional Triathletes, the Wassner Twins

Missed our #Empirechat with Rebeccah and Laurel Wassner? We’ve recapped our conversation here with NYC’s top Professional Triathletes! Make sure to keep an eye out for them this year racing and follow their race results here!


Q1. As the the leading professional triathletes in NYC, how did you get involved with triathlons & begin to race competitively?

A1. I started triathlon 10 years ago when I was living in the city and working as a CPA. I needed a completive outlet since I wasn’t too into my job. I was running a lot and was competitive on the NYRR scene, but triathlon was something I always wanted to do since I grew up swimming. I joined chelsea piers and started swimming with the masters team. Some of my lanemates turned out to be triathletes and would do bike rides on the weekends, so I bought a bike and started joining them. –Bec

A1. I started swimming competitively at age 5 and played a lot of sports where we were the smallest but fa

Q2. How have you evolved as athletes?

A2. I’ve matured as an athlete, but I think fundamentally, I’ve remained the same person – very driven, a hard worker and I’ve been called a “fierce competitor” since my days of high school track. But over the course of the years, I’ve become more focused and have had to deal with injuries and setbacks, which has made me an even stronger person. –Bec

A2 dealing w mechanical issues on my bike that cost me races,overcoming that by educating myself & better prep –Laurel

Q3. What hurdles have you overcome mentally, physically or emotionally throughout your careers?

A3: My first hurdle was getting a pelvic stress fracture my second year as a pro. Just was a I was hitting my stride, I got knocked out for a YEAR. Having a baby was, and continues to be, a hurdle, but a very rewarding one! –Bec

Q4: Laurel as a survivor of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma & 1st cancer survivor to become a pro triathlete how has this changed you?

A4: Made me stronger but more rewarding to be a motivator/influencer for others dealing w similar issues. it has provided me w a big stage & a way to inspire by just doing the things I love to do. As a survivor theres an inherent sense to help others doing wt u had to do or not able to do wt u can do–Laurel

Q5: Rebeccah, 3X winner of the NYC Triathlon multiple course record holder, you recently welcomed a new baby girl to the world! How have your goals changed, have sights been set higher/made you even more competitive & determined?

A5: Taking over a year off gave me plenty of time to get my competitive juices recharged and ready to go. My body went through a complete change and I’m just excited to see what I can do now that I’m almost back to how I was.

>>>How soon after you had your baby did you compete in your first race?

I did the Prospect Park duathlon when Amy was about 4 months. I wouldn’t call it competing though!
Q6. Tell us about your relationship as twins & competitors, how have you helped push each other to extraordinary feats?

We have been competitive with each other our entire lives! Our ability levels are very similar so we can push each other in training. Having a built in training partner is a huge benefit. We can be the biggest rivals during workouts and then friends again 5 minutes after we finish. –Bec

we are sister first/competitors 2nd. That said, we are still dying to beat one another! also we are lucky to have someone on our side when we jump into something like the Panama Canal or Hudson River!–Laurel

Q7: Living in NYC we want to know where you do most of your training!?

I swim at the new Asphalt Green in Battery Park. The masters swim team is great. All ability levels are welcome, from first timers to Olympians. I also do a lot of strength training Fusion PT NYC with Carolyn Mazur. They have an Alter-G treadmill so I run there frequently. A lot of my training happens in my apartment. My bike trainer is set up in my bedroom! –Bec

Chelsea Piers, NYACTri, Fusion PT, Central Park, 9w, west side highway –Laurel

Q7a: How much training do you do per week and what’s your favorite workout?

About 20-25hrs a week of training. Fav workout: ranger station hill repeats/ long bridal path intervals –Laurel

Any last minute tips for our triathletes and endurance athletes this season?!

A: Be consistent with your training! This snowy winter is going to make you tougher this season.–Bec

keep working hard indoors- it will make you so strong when the season comes along! –Laurel