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9.5 Must Knows & Haves for the NYC Marathon

9.5 Must Knows & Haves for the NYC Marathon

By Alison Kreideweis

Empire Tri Club Co-Founder and Team For Kids Coach

  1. Warm “throw away” clothes for race morning. (NYRR will donate them to charity).  A plastic bag to shield the wind and sit on is also a good idea.
  2. Race Nutrition – Your favorite gels, blocks, chomps, etc.
  3. Good socks!  Blisters are annoying.  Especially for 26.2 miles.
  4. TP!  You’ll be waiting on Staten Island for hours.  You never know when toilet paper will run out with 40,000+ runners using the John.
  5. A hearty breakfast – You wake up before 5, your race starts at 9:40 or later.  Make sure you have enough fuel to keep you going strong!  If you don’t account for this long wait before the race, you could wind up hungry before the race even starts!
  6. Permanent marker & your team colors! – Sport your team gear so teammates can spot you on the course.  Write your name on your shirt (or piece of cloth pinned to your shirt if you don’t want it to be permanent) so spectators can cheer for you by name!
  7. Set your clocks back!  Don’t forget that daylight savings ends this weekend so set your clocks back 1 hour on Saturday night.
  8. Meeting spot- Coordinate where friends & fam will be cheering, and where you’ll reunite post-race.
  9. Bib & Chip!  Your most important items of the day.  Without these you won’t be able to race!  Pin to your shirt before leaving home to make sure you don’t forget!

And Finally…. 9.5      ½ Liter of beer to celebrate!  … (Step 9.5 may be repeated several times)