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Healthy Sports Newsletter by Dr. Metzl

Here are some highlights from Dr. Jordan Metzl’s most recent January Newsletter.  Enjoy!

Healthy Sports Newsletter
Winter Edition
January 2012
Jordan D. Metzl, MD
Happy New Year! As we head into 2012, I want to encourage one core concept. In studies around the world, one thing is very clear. People of all ages who are active have better, longer, and healthier lives than those who are inactive. That’s right, exercise is medicine.  It is the easiest way to ensure your own health and happiness. Best of all, everyone, no matter how young or old can do it. I want you all to pledge activity for 2012.

To that end, it’s important to set a fitness goal. Maybe it’s a 5k walk, a long bike ride, or a swim. Maybe it’s a ballroom dance competition or a three day hiking trip.  I don’t care what the goal is as long as you choose one; those who do are much more likely to complete their objectives.  So do yourself a favor and find something you want to do and jump on it!  We’ll support you all the way.

Upcoming Conferences
  • 14th Annual Sports Medicine for the Young Athlete Conference – February 25, 2012, 8AM-4PM

The Nation’s longest running, best attended seminar on health and safety for young athletes, this program is designed for those who work with athletic kids and teens and covers both orthopedic and medical topics. This is an incredible day of learning. Program highlights this year include:

  • Keynote lecture from the head of the Women’s Sports Foundation on the 40yr anniversary of  Title IX
  • Session on the pros and cons of sport specialization in young athletes
  • Hands on workshops including physical examinations of the back and hip

Click here for the course brochure or to register for the conference.  For more information, please contact the HSS Education Department at 212-606-1057.


  • Multisport World NYC – March 10, 2012, 9AM-4PM

Are you a runner or triathlete? Are you interested in learning how to prevent injury and maximize performance? Is so, you are going to love Multisport World NYC, held at Columbia University’s Dodge Fitness Center. It is going to be the most fun and educational day that NYC has ever seen.

This is year two of a combined project with Mark Walter of Sun Multisports and last year was a blast. This year you can expect another amazing day of learning and a killer expo with over 50 vendors, a huge exhibition space and more than 2,500 area triathletes and runners. Best of all, it’s free! All you need to do is register on the website.

Highlights include:

  • Short lectures from over 25 great speakers on topics including race foods, body maintenance tips, run, bike, and swim techniques, and updates in sports medicine
  • A huge expo with products, demos, coaches, clubs, and race directors
  • A computrainer station where you can bring your bike shoes and shorts and race to win awesome prizes
  • Our first ever indoor triathlon
  • Paid clinics for those who want more in-depth teaching
  • The usual totally random trivia questions that, if answered correctly, yield more awesome prizes

Want to know more? Here’s a link to the full program of lectures.

As someone who gets my newsletter, you get this information several days before the general public, giving you a head start on registration which will close at 3,000 people. We expect a huge crowd so make sure to register soon and tell your friends to do the same. Hope to see you there!


  • Strength Training for Runners and Triathletes

Three years ago, I was lucky enough to walk into the class of my good friend and amazing strength training specialist, DeJuana Richardson. Over a period of months, he taught me everything I know about strength training. Jumping forward, I have been lucky enough to work with Runner’s World to bring you this video, Strength Training for Runners. I see hundreds of running injuries each week, many of which are preventable with improved strength. The injury rate for triathletes is much lower. Why? Triathletes cross train and runners don’t.

As many of you know, I have been teaching my own strength class for more than a year. The exercises in class are designed to make your body stronger and more able to withstand the loading forces of running. This video goes through the main moves you need to do to stay out of my office. Click here to watch and practice the Ironstrength workout.

These videos are also going to be featured in my new book, The Athlete’s Book of Home Remedies, which comes out on March 13th.  The concept of the book is to teach you ways to keep your body healthy, moving, and injury free. I’ve been working on this for almost three years and I look forward to sharing it with you all. I’ll be doing a book signing at the Multisport Expo and it is available for pre-order on Amazon- I hope you love it!


  • Can Coffee Help Your Workout?

This is an interesting look at the question we all wonder- does coffee help my workouts? You might already know the answer. Click here to find out!


  • Shin Splints- Inside the Medical Tent

Are you suffering from shin splints? I hope not! If you are, though, I hope this video from ourInside the Medical Tent series helps you understand ways to recognize and prevent shin splints. Enjoy!


  • Massage Benefits Are More Than Skin Deep

Who doesn’t love a good massage? If you’re looking for more ammunition to justify your massage habit, this article should help.


  • The Year in Fitness

I love this blog post, summarizing the most important fitness articles of the year. Have a readand see what’s hot.


  • Recipe of the Month: Leek, Turnip, and Rice Soup

For all of our Northeast readers, it’s cold and nasty out there. How about some hot soup? Thisrecipe sounds great to me! If you have recipe suggestions, please send ’em over.