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Bobby Leong sets NY State Cycling Record, Qualifies for RAAM

This weekend, Bobby Leong proved an extreme test of mental and physical endurance.… he set a never-before attempted endurance cycling record… and did it with just minutes to spare!  Bobby and his support crew traveled across the entire state of New York from East – West, setting a new Ultra Marathon Cycling Association record, which earned him a qualifying spot for one of the toughest cycling races on the planet – Race Across America. 

Two support teams accompanied him on the journey including Erica Aldin, Dave Mendelsohn, Alison Cooper and Gwen Radsch.  Brad Gansberg and Carl Morrishow served as official course marshalls, documenting Bobby’s pace, mileage, and ensuring he followed all the rules and regulations of the UMCA.

The journey began at 4am on Saturday morning, when Bob and his 1st support crew headed for the Eastern NY / Massachusetts state border at Lebanon Springs.  After 12 hours of riding, we tagged off with his 2nd support crew and race marshall, who accompanied Bob through the night.  In the morning, after only sleeping for 1 hour, he continued on his journey to the Western border.  The Course primarily followed NY cycling route 5, despite a few detours including bridges closed due to the recent hurricane and flooding.  We meandered through towns including Albany, Herkimer, Montezuma, Rochester, and Niagara Falls.  Finally, 33 hours 56 minutes and 365.7 miles later, Bob and his crew reached the Western NY / Canadian border at Niagara Falls.  According to RAAM qualification rules, the ride must exceed 350 miles, at an average pace above 10.9mph (including all breaks & rest stops)… Bob finished at 6:31pm, with only 4 minutes to spare!

We’re proud of you Bobby!