Group Training Information

Monday:  Group Ride in Central Park

Meet-up, Instructions & Lesson:  6:45pm
Wheels Down: 7:00pm Sharp
Location:  Southwest corner of Central Park at Columbus Circle.

Ride Details:
Our Monday night rides are typically 15-20 miles, including a mix of drills, hills and intervals.  Workout varies each week; details are provided to club members via Training Peaks.  Pace groups are formed; all abilities are welcome.

What to bring:
Helmet (required), front and rear lights, a flat repair kit, money, ID, metrocard and phone.

What to wear:  
Come dressed and ready to ride in comfortable biking attire appropriate for the weather. (Empire cycling kit available for purchase at team uniform events)

Tuesday:  Core + 4 in Central Park

Meet-up Time:  6:45pm
Start Time: 7:00pm Sharp
Location:  Southwest corner of Central Park at Columbus Circle.

Workout Details:
  Core + 4 is a 20 min core workout, followed by a 4 mile run.  At 7pm, we’ll jog from Columbus Circle up to Sheeps Meadow (the grassy lawn right across from the Tavern on the Green parking lot).   Once at Sheeps Meadow, we will start with a few minutes of dynamic stretching & plyometrics to warm up.  Then, we’ll jump right into a 20 minute strength session.  This will be a total body workout, with an emphasis on core.  Workouts will include a mix of planks, squats, lunges, pushups, crunches, etc. Modifications will be offered for atheltes of all abilities.  Immediately after the core workout, the group will head out for a ~4 mile run.  This run will primarily be “chat pace” with some “tempo / pace work” added in every 3-4 weeks.  Exact route will vary each week, but be in the range of 4 miles.

Bag Drop is available at The New York Running Company in the Time Warner Center.  Athletes are encouraged to bring a watch.

Once a month, Empire Ambassador and master Yogi Hess Kim will be leading a restorative Yoga for Triathletes session in place of our usual Core+4!  These sessions will typically take place the first Tuesday after a team race. Dates will be included on the club calendar in Training Peaks.

Thursday: Group Run in Central Park

Meet-up Time:  6:45pm
Start Time:
7pm Sharp
Location: Southwest corner of Central Park at Columbus Circle.

Run Details:
Our Thursday night run typically includes hills, speedwork or interval training.  Workout varies each week; details are provided to club members via Training Peaks.  Runs typically range from 3-6 miles.  Pace groups are formed; all abilities are welcome.

Bag Drop is available at The New York Running Company in the Time Warner Center.  Athletes are encouraged to bring a watch.

Saturday: Group Ride outside of NYC

When: Select Saturdays from April – October (See Schedule Below)
Meet-up Time:  7:45am
Start Time:  8am SHARP!

Where:  Meet at the Eleanor Roosevelt Statue on 72nd Street & Riverside Drive.

Route:  Head north along Riverside Drive.  Turn Right at 165th Street. Turn left at first stoplight onto Fort Washington Ave. Turn left at W 177th Street. Turn Right onto Cabrini Blvd.  We will re-group ONCE at the base of the GWB in NYC before crossing.  If necessary, we will make one additional 5-minute stop at Strictly Bicycles in Fort Lee.  Exact route & distance from this point will vary each week.  MAP

Distance: Our rides will begin at 25 miles at the start of the season, and build up to 65 miles by September. Athletes are welcome to join for part of the ride if you’re not up for the entire distance or wish to continue further.

What to Bring:  Helmet (required), Empire Tri Club team kit, food, water, ID, money, metrocard, and flat repair kit.

2019 Saturday Ride Schedule:  Below is a list of Ambassador-lead group rides.  Ambassadors will offer various options for athletes of different ability levels.  There will be an optional stop to refuel on the ride for athletes who wish.  Club members are encouraged to use the Google Group ( to coordinate group meet ups on other weekends.

Saturday TBD 20-30 miles
Saturday TBD 20-30 miles
Saturday TBD 25-35 miles
Saturday TBD 25-35 miles*
Saturday TBD 30-40 miles
Saturday TBD 35-45 miles
Saturday  TBD 40-50 miles
Saturday  TBD 45-55 miles
Saturday  TBD 50-60 miles*
Saturday  TBD 55-65 miles
Saturday  TBD 60-65 miles
Saturday  TBD  30-40 miles

*Introductory Ride over the GWB / Brick Workout / Transition Clinic:
Twice a season, Empire Tri Club offers an introductory ride over the GWB, transition clinic & brick workout in place of our usual Saturday ride.  Club members and Beginner Program athletes are strongly encouraged to attend.  For new riders & beginner program athletes, we will guide you through the streets of NYC and over the GWB.  This is a no-drop, introduction to crossing the bridge, so if you don’t know the route don’t sweat it!  At Ross Dock, we will host a clinic showing you how to set up your transition area and answer all the questions you have to prepare for your upcoming race.  Ambassadors will then watch your gear as you complete a mini Brick Workout (bike/run combination workout).  For advanced athletes, we’ll head over the GWB without stops so you get to Ross Dock a little sooner.  We’ll host an advanced transition skills clinic, teaching you skills such as a shoeless mount/dismount, and offering time-saving tips to shave seconds off your time.  Ambassadors will then watch your gear as you complete a more challenging brick workout to get the practice that you need to be race-ready!

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