Gold Coaching Package

$399 / month

Our Gold Coaching Package is the perfect blend of personalized instruction, team camaraderie and performance services from NYC's premiere Physical Therapy facility.  Our gold package offers the highest level of support, including a custom, detailed training plan and unlimited and communication with your coach.  Your coach will adapt your plan as needed, to reflect your ever-changing schedule as well as your adaptations in performance as you progress throughout your training.  Coaches will also utilize more advanced technology and data metrics if desired.  This is perfect for athletes of all levels, particularly beginners who need extra support and education or elite/pro-level and want to take their training and racing to the next level.  All of our plans are customized to YOU, taking into account YOUR athletic background, health history, races, goals, strengths, weakness, available equipment and training preferences.


Welcome & Set Up:

  • Detailed athlete questionnaire to fill out and return (allows your coach to gather information about your athletic & health history, lifestyle, schedule, goals and training preferences)
  • On-Boarding call with your coach to kick off your training.

Planning and Training:

  • Season planning (identify key races & training events, and develop a focus to guide you through your journey)
  • Custom, detailed training program designed specifically to help you reach your goals. (A fully customized plan with unlimited adaptations built around your schedule and accounting for the training facilities & equipment available to you)
  • Personal Training Peaks (Receive daily workouts, track progress, and communicate with your coach. Additionally, coaches will utilize advanced training tools and analyze personal data & metrics)
  • Training Zone Assessment (complete benchmark tests to establish training zones and track progress. Work with your coach to utilize advance training tools such as power & HR zones, RPE, etc.)
  • Access to Empire’s Google Drive with a library of Functional Strength Training workouts, articles and blogs.

Communication & Support:

  • Unlimited email support (answered within 24 hrs)
  • Weekly phone support (Unlimited adjustments to your training plan and access to your coach will ensure you stay accountable and never get derailed)
  • Pre-race consultation (Create a detailed race strategy accounting for varying conditions, setbacks and hypothetical sitautions that you may experience on race day)
  • Post-Race Consultation (Recap your race experience, analyze race data, come up with a recovery plan and strategize future training & racing goals)

Membership and Discounts:

  • Complimentary Empire Tri Club Membership for the duration of your coaching, with access to coached group workouts, discounts, and socials.
  • Complimentary access to all of our Open Water Swim Clinics for the duration of your coaching.
  • Discounts on all winter training programs, Red Tide Master’s Swim Workouts, and Tailwind Endurance swim classes, Computrainer classes, training camps and private swim lessons.

Additional Services and Benefits:

  • Unlimited use of the Norma-Tec recovery sleeves at Finish Line Physical Therapy
  • Complimentary run each month on the Alter-G Anti- Gravity Treadmill with a detailed workout provided by your coach
  • Complementary Peak Performance Analysis (A Physical Therapist will analyze your movement patterns and running gait to prescribe an injury prevention plan)
  • 20% off massage therapy

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